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Clevamama Clevafeed Review


Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE this product. I literally don’t know how i lived without this before. This is the clevafeed by the company Clevamama it is for babies from 6 months and over and is great for introducing fruits and vegetables to your baby. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to giving my babies finger foods as i have had one too many fake choking, mini heart attack incidents with babies, so for me it’s safety all the way.


The teat is made of soft silicone making it super easy to clean, much better than the mesh feeder i used to have. The battle of trying to get mushed banana out of it was a nightmare.

It’s easy to fill simply open the lid and fill the teat with the food of your choice, snap the teat back down and your good to go.

The Handle….The handle of this feeder is shaped like a circle and it makes it so much easier for my baby to hold it. It kind of looks like a giant dummy but my baby loves his dummy too so win-win.

It attaches to my baby’s dummy clip so it doesn’t fall on the floor. HUGE bonus.


None, Nothing negative to say about this product whatsoever.


My baby loves this, he can easily eat a full banana (very greedy baby!) with ease. I also have put in strawberries, raspberries, peach and things like cooked carrots and cooked broccoli. My baby loves getting ice in it to suck when his gums are sore from teething. I bought mine from Smyths and it cost €7.99 (worth every cent) and i think you can also get this at mothercare. It also comes with a cover and a spare teat.

Best invention ever.

Hope you enjoyed reading X

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion of this product that i purchased myself all opinions expressed are my own 100% honest opinion


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