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The Fifth Baby

My littlest one is now 9 months old, he is the smiliest, gurgling bundle of gorgeousness, however, it has been a rough ride getting to this point. We thought with this being our fifth baby we knew it all. After all we had done this 4 times already, How hard could it be? Well, let me tell you it was RIDICULOUSLY hard. Nothing could have prepared us for the tornado that is our littlest one. There is almost 4 years between him and his older brother (biggest age gap of them all) and how naive were we thinking it would be easier.

So here is a few things that we learnt with having our fifth little bundle, although some of these were things that we needed to be reminded of…

Even the youngest of babies teeth are sharp.

Babies nails are also extremely sharp.

Some babies have things they don’t like to do, some hate their car seat, some hate to sleep, some hate having their nappy/clothes changed, however if you’re lucky as we were you’re baby will be all of the above!

Newborn babies like to head butt you…in the face…A LOT!

Baby boys have impeccable aim!

There is always an extra button on a babygrow…..ALWAYS!

Baby’s explosive shit all over daddy is side splitting, pee yourself funny every               time.

Getting 5 children into the car is no easy feat, and DO NOT attempt to do this with ease especially if you are in a rush.

Lack of sleep and middle of the night feeds never get any easier.

Seeing your baby smile at you for the first time is will make your heart melt every single time, no matter how many kids you have.

Same goes for hearing baby say his first word (even if it was dada – grr).

Seeing all his older brothers and sister coo over him, get excited at every milestone he reaches is the most rewarding part of being their mammy.


Yes i will admit it hasn’t been an easy ride with the fifth baby but it is getting easier. This little boy is the luckiest in the world. He’s got 3 older brothers and a sister who adore him to the moon and back. They are his sibling, his protector, his friend and in their own words “No one will ever hurt you while we are around”. Makes me burst with pride. If people could see all these precious moments maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to ask “how do you do it?” They make every sleepless night and every long whingy day worth while. Adding a fifth to the family may have added to the workload but he also added to the list of moments that i wouldn’t change for the world.


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