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Kids are creepy sometimes

When i became a mother i was prepared for the sleepless nights, (well i thought i was). I was prepared for the eternal amount of washing that comes with having kids. I was prepared for the endless amount of picking up and tidying that the role employs.

However, what i was not  prepared for was the face that sometimes kids are creepy. They really are downright scary sometimes. There  have been times i have been scared of my own child!

I have on more than one occasion woken up to one of my children standing beside my bed, 4 inches away from me staring into my face. Saying nothing or doing nothing. Just staring. Mini heart attack inducing moment!

Kids draw the most sinister pictures. No seriously, not my own child, but a child i know once drew me a picture of a dead person….in a coffin….in a grave….with flowers growing out of the ground. Needless to say that is one child who won’t be coming over for a sleepover anytime soon.

Picture this, myself and the hubbie snuggled up on the sofa, all lights off watching a scary movie (I love horror movies even tho i’m the biggest chicken going and will not go into any dark room by myself after watching one) we hear a creak on the stairs, we check, no one there…back to the movie. There’s a creepy part coming up…there’s the creak again followed by DADDEEEEY in the creepiest croakiest voice imaginable. We turn around to find one of our children standing a few feet away. Like they just appeared out of no where.

The Monster under the bed. When my son was 7 he was convinced there was a monster under his bed and every single night we had to do a monster check to make sure it wasn’t under there before he got into bed. Except this one night, we headed for bed and he climbed right in…no monster search. I should have said nothing and just left it at that but no curiosity got the better of me and i asked “are we not doing the monster check tonight”? He turned to me and said “no mam no need to check tonight, he’s not under my bed” Which was great, until  he turned around and said “he’s under YOUR bed tonight”! It goes without saying that i  felt a complete and utter twat checking under MY bed for a monster before i got in.

Then there’s the imaginary friend thing. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for then using their imaginations but there is something extremely sinister about a child sitting by themselves whispering and plotting with someone who doesn’t actually exist. I’d rather be spared the details of those conversations. (Shudders at the thought!)


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9 thoughts on “Kids are creepy sometimes

  1. Creepy and funny at the same time! lol! Kids can be so creepy. My Ethan keeps going on about killing dinosaur – fight till their death! :/ Oh deer! …

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost xx


  2. Ha ha, they really are creepy at times. My son used to come out with all sorts of things when he was younger. I remember him calling me into his room one night scared of ‘the man’, I asked ‘what man’ and he replied ‘the one standing behind you’. Scared the living day lights out of me!

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  3. Hahaha you checked under your bed that’s brilliant although I so would have too. To be honest reading this did creep me out a little, you always see children just appear in horror films so having your child just appear in the living room is kind of fitting and not to mention scary! Great post thank you for sharing it at #familyfun xx


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