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How i keep my large family organised

Life with 5 kids is busy. Even the smallest task can turn into a challenge. My mantra is if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Organisation is key to keeping everything running smoothly. I have 3 children in school, 1 in playschool and the baby is at home with me. Here is a list of what i need to do daily to keep on top of the manic workload.

Make the beds as early in the day as you can. This will set the tone for the whole day. If you have older children, they are well capable of making their own beds. I find if the beds are not done in the morning, they don’t get done at all.

Make school lunches the night before. This is key, if i were to wait until morning to make 4 lunches on top of trying to make breakfast, feed a baby and make sure everyone  is clean and dressed we would never make it out the door let alone be in time for school.

Get all clean laundry folded and put away daily. Loads of laundry is inevitable in a house of 7 people. I find that if i don’t get the clean load put away on a daily basis it builds up and looks so messy as there is piles of clothes all over the place. If this is all i manage to get done in a day, im happy because when there is clothes all  over the place it just looks untidy.

Homework is done straight after school. One of these days homework is going to break me. They need to get it done straight after school. No exceptions, they come in from school, they sit down with a snack and do their homework. Done and dusted and frees up the evening.

Set out school uniforms/ outfits the night before. You would be surprised how much time this saves in the morning. When you’re not rooting under couches or beds looking for someones missing school tie. I lay all the younger kids clothes on the back of the couch and they can just grab them the next morning without tearing the house apart looking for missing items.

Set up a breakfast station. Again set out their cereal bowls, spoons, cereal etc. the night before and everything is to hand in one place for the morning.

Use a family planner calendar. I have a calendar with everyone’s name has a section so everyone knows who has what for that day, be it dancing, football, dentist etc. Also keep this in a place that everyone can see it.

Use a slow cooker for dinner. I don’t have a slow cooker yet, but a lot of my friends swear by them. Basically pop your dinner in, in the morning switch  it on and it by dinner time, your dinner is cooked. I really  need to get one of these!

Here is some of my tips with trying to stay organised but at the end of the day raising kids is hard, sometimes you won’t get much done and that is ok. As long as the kiddies are healthy and happy what more can you ask for? I just find that taking that few extra minutes when the kids are in bed, to do these it saves oceans of time the next morning and i’m not rushing around like a mad woman, trying to get the out the door to school on time.


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