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The Slimming World adventure begins

So, as the title suggests i have just joined my local slimming world. This decision came about as my 4 year old son casually asked me ‘mam, when is the new baby coming out of your tummy’? After a while of trying to convince him there was no baby in my tummy it hit me….HARD! I take what kids say with a pinch of salt but he was right. My baby is now 9 months and i have done little to nothing to shift the excess baby weight, i was in no rush after he was born i just wanted to enjoy my baby.

I gained over three stone (yes you read that right) with my last pregnancy, due to the fact that i was carrying a hell of a lot of fluid. Baby himself was an average size. This was my fifth pregnancy (3rd in 6 years) it has taken it’s toll on my body. The baby fat is not melting off as quick as it did with my other pregnancies.Now, i’m not massivley obese (size 14/16 and 5ft 9) but i am a bit overweight and haven’t been  happy with my body for a while.

So i decided it was time to do something about it. All the extra insulation i had acquired and kept me warm over the winter had to go! A friend had told me that she had lost almost 3 stone on slimming world, so i decided i would give that a go. Other plans that i have looked into involve counting calories and i just don’t have time for that.

So off i went to the first meeting on my own, a complete nervous wreck. Turned out  i shouldn’t have been. Everyone there were the exact same as me, normal and down to earth lovely people. I was weighed (i must admit i was still carrying a bit more than i expected) anyway, the group leader was lovely. She explained the plan, it was a lot to take in but i’m sure with a bit more studying i will be flying it in no time.

The meeting was very good, people sharing tips and recipes and really motivating one another it was just great. Now there may be some nights that i will not be able to stay for the meetings and just go for the weigh in as life is so hectic, but if you can it is worth it.

What i do like about Slimming World is that nothing is off limits. I can still eat my pasta and potatoes and meat (as long as its lean and has no fat) and still lose weight. I can have my bread and cheese as my Healthy extras and i’m allowed 5-15 syns a day. It almost seems too good to be true.

We will see if this plan does indeed work for me i will update after i have weighed in next week and also recipes and foods i discover along the way. Either way i am determined to stick at it and shift the last of this baby weight.


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