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Teething is a pain in the bum!

Teething is a pain in the bum. My littlest one is 9 months old and has been teething since he was 3 months. He only recently cut his first tooth, followed a few days later by the second and is really getting no break from the feckers. Here is a few products we use to ease the pain in his little gums.


First off I have used Calpol for all 5 of my kids when  they were teething. They love the taste (mammy does too) and its not a battle to get them to take it.

I always keep a tube of bonjela teething gel in my changing bag to help ease the pain in his gums. This one i like this one because i can use it from 2 months and over.

The Clevamama Clevafeed. I have done a previous review on this you can read it here. I put cold foods like bananas from the fridge into this to cool my baby’s gums and he loves it.

And here are a few of his favorite teething toys.


Sophie the giraffe is his all time favorite teething toy. She’s easy to hold and she’s soft for him to chew on. Big Sophie fans here. I bought Sophie from Smyths.

Nuby wacky teether. Again my baby loves this teether, especially the bristles on the soft green part, he runs it over his gums. This one has different textures all over so baby has a choice of what they want to gnaw on. I picked up this one in Boots.

Gummee Glove, at 9 months he is getting a bit big for this teether  but for a younger baby that cannot hold a teether this was brilliant because their hand automactically goes into their mouths.

Teething bead teether. Not sure what brand this one is as it was a gift, but again it is really easy for baby to hold and have a chew.

On top of the sore gums, my baby always gets a bad nappy rash when he’s teething which is literally a pain in the bum. The drooling is also a pain which can often lead to him getting a sore chapped chin, and the amount of bibs and clothes that get soaked is unbelievable.

Teething in no fun for parent or baby, it breaks my heart to see my baby in pain and these are just a few ideas that we turn to to ease the teething pain. If all else fails mammy and daddy cuddles and snuggles will comfort baba at the very least.

Hate teething, grr!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsered post, these are my opinions of these products that i bought myself. All opinions expressed are my own & 100% honest.


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