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Did u just throw my change at me ?

I am a big believer in shopping local and supporting local businesses. BUT what when one of your local shop owner has the manners of a pig in a trough. I’m standing in line with my shopping in my hands. There’s a customer in front of me paying for his shopping and the shop owner is having a great chat, smiling, laughing, joking. Then it’s my turn I put my shopping up in the counter. Bread, milk… The usual. I say hello, lovely evening. She barely looks at me, as she picks up one of my items ready to scan. I ask her “can I have a box of matches please” she mumbles something inaudible at me, still hasn’t even looked at me and turns to go get the box of matches. By this stage I’m getting rather pissed off. I’m thinking “I just saw you chatting and joking with another customer which I might add you left me standing here with my hands full for ages. You don’t even have the decency to look at me let alone say hello”.

I bite my tongue and say nothing, she’s finished scanning my shopping and grunts at me “26.90”. No such thing as please and thank you. I hand her a fifty euro note, she puts it in the till and then she slapped my change on the counter and walked away.

Now I’m beyond pissed off. I’m a paying customer like everyone else, I might not be as upper class as the man you were just talking to but my money is as good as anyone else’s. I’m fuming, but there is other customers in the shop now with young kids I don’t want to make a scene but I couldn’t believe it. Local businesses are pleading with people to shop local and when you do you get treated like crap.

I have never in my life been made to feel like I was not good enough to shop some where. And I might add that I actually know this woman, I have shopped here regularly for years. She was never pleasant but never treated me like crap. I was so upset that I walked to my car and I had tears streaming down my face. No human being should ever make another human feel so inferior. I sat in my car and cried, I just sat there. I didn’t want my kids or my Hubbie to see that I had been crying when I walked through the door, but she made me feel like something that was stuck to the end of her shoe.

And to the rude ignorant shop owner this is the last time I will ever set foot in this shop again. EVER. Maybe my custom isn’t good enough for you because we are a middle class, working class family but just because you inherited a shop does not make you better than me. And yes I will be reporting your shop franchise to the relevant office. Rant over!


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