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Great Drying out Today!

It would appear that Mother Nature has finally got her arse in gear and let it be Spring! It’s an Irish thing, we could forever talk about the weather, but the pleasure in seeing the children be up off their bums and out playing in the sunshine is priceless. Too long they have been stuck inside glued to televisions, tablets and games consoles. As a rule, if the sun is out all electronics are banned in this house. Get outside in the fresh air and use your imagination.

My own (obviously not the baby) have been out and about all over the weekend, cycling their bikes, playing catch, kicking ball. And except for the odd disagreement, it has been heaven. No ‘i’m bored’ or been cramped in like sardines and they love it. They eat better and there hasn’t been a peep out of them when they go to bed either.Nothing like the fresh air to give them an appetite and tire them out.

Me, as a mammy has my own perks to this fabulous weather. THE WASHING! cos in Ireland it’s a feckin challenge.Every woman in Ireland has heard this at least once ‘Great drying out today’. It’s because we are just not used to it. It’s not everywhere you can get frost bite and sunburn followed by rain hail and thunder all in the same day!  I don’t have a tumble dryer, and you’d be amazed by the amount of funny looks and side eyes i get from people when they find out ihave 5 children and don’t own a tumble dryer! I can finally use my clothes line  again. Yay! No more rickety clothes airers stuck in every available orifice. I can actually hang out my clothes. It’s a bit sad really that i can get so excited over something so simple, but hey, it’s the little things in life.

I live in a rural part of Ireland, it really is beautiful. We don’t appreciate it enough, but on clear days like today, you notice it more. To be able to leave the huge gas guzzler of a car at home and be able to walk the children to school. To get out and get some fresh air into your lungs. I will be taking full advantage of it because let’s face it, It’s Ireland. It’s not going to last long. So i’m going to enjoy it for however long it decides to stay we have been in hibernation for far too long!

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