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Dribble Stop Top Review

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What is a Dribble Stop Top i hear you ask? Well, the Dribble Stop Top is a baby vest with a difference. It looks just like a regular baby vest only it has 1 difference. It has a hidden pocket inside the chest of the vest made from waterproof material so no matter how much your child dribbles and drools it will not soak through to their chest. It has button poppers on the crotch like a normal baby vest and also has button poppers on the shoulders aswell. They are excellent quality fabric, thicker than the average vest and extra soft for your little ones delicate skin.

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My own baby is 9 months old and is a suspected asthmatic, he is prone to bouts of bronchitis so keeping his chest dry is an utmost priority for us. He is also teething, and as any mammy knows a teething baby is a dribbly baby. It is next to impossible to keep his chest dry, and a wet chest leads to dribble rash which leads to a cranky irritable baby.

He has been wearing these for the past week now and they are an absolute genius idea. I have less bibs to wash, and who likes covering up baby’s cute clothes with ugly bibs anyway? If we are going out for the day these are a lifesaver as i don’t have to keep checking so see if his chest is soaked from dribble. He still  dribbles a little milk when he is having his bottle and i often find that his chest gets damp and sticky, but not with these. It did not soak through to his skin.

When he naps i will not leave a bib on him, i have a fear of him choking on it and i refuse to leave it on him while he sleeps. This sometimes means that when he gets up from his nap his chest is soaked in drool and as he’s quite chesty a lot of the time this wasn’t helping matters. Since we started using these his chest has stayed dry during his nap time and he has had a better undisturbed sleep. Win, Win all around.


The Dribble Stop Tops wash really well and are still waterproof after being through the washing machine several times. They haven’t shrank or faded. Although i don’t own a tumble dryer you can put these in the tumble dryer which is an added bonus.

I was sent a 2 pack of boys Dribble stop tops to review. One is the most beautiful baby blue striped colour and the other one is plain white. They are also available in Pink stripe/white or a unisex pack of 2 plain white. They are available in sizes 0-3months, 3-6months, 6-9months, 9-12months, 12-18months & 18-24 months and are true to size.

You can buy them online HERE. They retail at £13.99 for a pack of two. These would make a great gift for any baby or expectant mammy. I absolutely love these, it’s peace of mind to know that no matter how much my little boy dribbles, that his chest is going to stay dry. You can also check out their Facebook page Here.

I would like to thank Tracy & Emma at 2 Mums ltd for giving me the opportunity to review these amazing dribble stop tops. They have now become a staple item in his wardrobe and changing bag. I would highly recommend these.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. In no way will that effect my honest opinion about this product. This is my 100% honest opinion.


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