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Penney’s & Dunnes Stores Haul


I recently had to do a shop to top up my youngest son’s wardrobe, he’s growing like a weed. I cannot go into Penney’s and come out with just one or 2 items. I love a bargain and i find them great for children’s clothes. My own kids outgrow them so fast, so i have to keep topping up their wardrobes regularly. The first thing i picked up was this 7 pack of little boy vests. They are cute as a button with little whales and penguin prints on them. They were €10.00 for 7. I also spotted this little blue and grey rugby top for €6.00 and had to get it for him. He’s going to look so cute in this with a little pair of jeans. The bibs are a twin pack its says ‘Daddy loves me on the other one’. They’re very light though, i can’t imagine they are going to be very absorbent but at €2.50 i said i would pick them up because the are quite cute.

I got this little Mickey Mouse tracksuit for him as an Easter present. He’s too young for chocolate but i don’t want to leave him out. This was €14.00 and his has mickey mouse’s face on the baseball jacket and also on the leg of the tracksuit bottoms.


These were grab-at-the-till buys, but great value all the same. The Baby Large Cotton Wool pads are great and i use them all the time both for my little boy and cleansing my face. They were €2.00 for 80 pads. The Garnier Micellar cleansing water is a re purchase, i have been using it for the last few weeks and i love it. This was €4.50 for the 400ml bottle which is a lot cheaper than some of the supermarkets i have seen selling it. The Peppa Pig Hair detangler has a lovely fruity scent, it really does smell like daisies. It really is a nice little spray for my daughters hair. I hope this is good as we always have tears when it comes to brushing her hair. It just gets so knotty.This was €2.50 for a 50ml bottle.

I really did not need any more pyjamas but these were just so cute i had to have them. They are really lightweight so will come in handy over the summer months. They have a little white kitten sitting in a vintage rose teacup on the top with the words ‘Is it Friday yet’in Sparkly Silver lettering. These were €10.00. The bra i thought was cute and i love Penney’s bra’s, It’s baby pink with little pink hearts all over this was only €3.50. Bargain. The black vest top has an assymmetrical hem and has stars printed all over with the slogan ‘ok, you make no sense’ across the chest. This is one i will save for the summer months and team with a pair of crop leggins and some sandals. This was €6.00

024 (640x480)

I picked up these gorgeous girls pyjamas in Dunnes Stores. They have a beautiful vintage rose print all over with cuffed feet and they i just fell in love with them. These were €12.00, i only wish they had these in my size.

039 (640x480)

Finally, i discovered this Halo’s N Horns Kids bathtime shampoo in one of the chemists (not sure what the name was) Anyway, this smells amazing. It is hypoallergenic and Dermapaedic (not sure what exactly that means). This product is not tested on animals, which is an added bonus. I can’t wait to try this out and i may do a review on it once i have tried it. I paid €4.99 forhis shampoo.


So there is my little haul, hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

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