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Can Easter be over now Please?

So the kids have been on Easter holidays from school for 11 days not that anyone’s counting, Right! The last 2 days have been crap, it’s been raining like mad so the house has been turned into a pressure cooker of boredom, arguments and little people hyped up on a sea of chocolate. I’m so over it now, can they go back to school PLEASE?!!

Today was particularly hard, It started oddly enough at 7am or was it 6am, damn the feckin clocks went on. So on waking, i had no idea what time it actually was so had the oldest check the television to find out. Yip, it was 7am, Great. Was that a bit of a lie in?

The arguments started about which Easter egg belonged to whom, and who got which one the Easter Bunny brought. Seriously, The Easter Bunny? When did that become a thing? This has been the first year, we have ‘done’ the Easter Bunny thing. The little lad comes home from playschool on the day of the holidays and says his teacher told them all about the bloody Easter Bunny, who comes on Easter Sunday and leaves loads of Chocolate eggs hidden all over for us to find. YEAH, thanks Teacher, had escaped all that nonsense up until now, and he’s the fourth of my children to attend playschool. Fine, he wouldn’t shut up about it, was pressured into doing it and i’m now tied into the contract that it the Easter Bunny for at least the next 10 years.

The oldest is a bit of a history fanatic and became engrossed in the commemoration of the 1916 Rising, which was fine. It’s something i’m glad he has an interest in. But, the girl wants to watch Barbie, the little lad wants to watch Paw Patrol and the second oldest doesn’t really want to watch anything, he just doesn’t want the oldest having control of the remote control. I truly feel sorry for my neighbours, they must think i’m raising a pack of wild animals.

We compromised, the oldest could have the tv for an hour then Paw Patrol could go on and the girl could watch the Barbie dvd in my bedroom. Sorted…Nope! In the hours that followed…so did the fighting. ‘It’s not fair’, ‘I’m bored’, ‘He took my egg’, oh God it has been one of the longest days i have ever put down.

Then the girl fell down the stairs, just lost her footing and bam, down she went. She wasn’t hurt thankfully, just a bump on her knee and scratch on  her finger. I lifted her in one arm, baby in the other and eventually she calmed down. These kids are putting years on me, i’m only 29 and i swear my hair is going grey.

Someone decided they wanted their Paw Patrol bed covers on and  when was told no, he only had clean bed covers on the other day, decided he would sneak to the bathroom and get some water to pour over his bed and mammy would have to change it then. Wouldn’t she? Well, i’m now extremely pissed off, so no way is he getting his own way on this one. I put Winnie the Pooh bed covers on, which didn’t impress the little lad in the slightest. Winnie the Pooh is for babies don’t you know. Well that will teach you to be a smarty pants in future, won’t it?

I had an extra large load of washing to fold and put away, which would have been fine if the girl hadn’t knocked my nice neat pile of folded clothes onto the floor. I actually could have cried. But i don’t think it would have made any difference, so it took twice as long to finish something that normally only takes me 10 minutes.

I had the pleasure of cooking a lovely roast chicken dinner, which none of the kids ate after they had eaten their body weight in chocolate. Although the hubbie did appreciate it after a long day at work. Isn’t it so satisfying to see something that took you hours to cook being pushed aside because apparently they are too full. You can guess what answer they got 5 minutes later when they asked could they have more Easter egg!

Finally bedtime came, and so did the ‘mam it’s not even dark yet’? Damn that hour, not only did it rob me of an hour of sleep, now it’s playing havok with bedtime aswell. The littlest one was exhausted and went straight to sleep even though it was the slightest bit bright. The others, OH MY GOD, i swear they were like a herd of elephants stampeding through the entire upstairs, by this time my head felt like it was splitting open and i just couldn’t argue with them anymore. I’m tired, it’s been a long day.

The hubbie eventually, after threatening to throw all Easter eggs into the bin and ground them for eternity, got them to settle down. The silence in the house is the little piece of heaven i need right now. I am now sitting here with an Easter egg in one hand and a nice cool glass of wine in the other and i’m not fit for much else. Chocolate and Wine = Mammy Heaven here. I’m done with the Easter holidays, I need them to go back to school for my sanity. But alas, no, they have another week off which promises to be wet and windy. So no doubt tomorrow is going to be another eventful day but now i’m off to hide some of their eggs. Maybe i could blame it on the damn Easter Bunny!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and Don’t forget you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter


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