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Visit to Lough Gur, Co. Limerick


I have battled with the worst migraine over the last 4 days so have been a bit inactive on the blog since. I seem to be back on the mend thankfully. So on Monday  the hubbie had a rare day off and trying to avoid the mad house that was Easter Sunday we decided we would take the kids out for a couple of hours, to tire them out if anything and keep them away from the mountain of chocolate sitting on the  kitchen counters. It was a fabulous day and the sun was shining so we decided we take pay a visit to Lough Gur. It’s not too far away from us, and free entry so off we went.


Situated between the towns of Bruff and Herbertsown in County Limerick, Lough Gur is a unique horseshoe shaped lake nestled at the bottom of Knockfennel Hill. It is an ancient archeological site of historical times in Ireland that boasts one of the most beautiful scenery is all Ireland. It also has a heritage center where you can discover more about the Neolithic era, The Bronze Age and more. It’s peaceful walks, full of history dating back to 4000BC  of which the heritage centre will offer more information.



As we had the stroller we couldn’t do any of the main walks as they are not buggy friendly but we did enjoy the peaceful walk by the lake and the kids loved seeing the swans gliding along the lake. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family. My daughter swore she saw a mermaid off in the distance while the little lad said he could see fairies hiding along the banks of the lake. It’s great to see them using their imagination!


While we were sitting by the lake i noticed another family making their way back from one of the walkways, a mum, dad, grandmother and 2 kids who looked about 7 and 8 years old. What made me take notice of them was that every single one of them had a phone stuck to their  ear even the 2 kids. Then they sat on seperate benches still stuck to their phones. Why can’t people just put them away and enjoy being a family anymore it is quite sad.


We have brought the kids here many times over the years but today was our first time to see inside the heritage centre, it cost us €15 for the 7 of us. The heritage centre itself is a crannog building complete with thatched roof. Inside there is also a small shop and coffee dock. The exhibition itself is ok, it is quite small. Bascially you start from the left side of the room at the Neolithic era and work your way round through the bronze, iron ages etc. It features tools and pottery from those eras and you can try your hand at putting a clay pot back together or trying on some of the clothing. The kids enjoyed the excavation area the most where they could dig and uncover hidden treasures. You can also listen to audio full of information about Lough Gur through the ages. I think now that we have done the heritage centre i would be content for future visits just to sit by the lake or do the walks for which there is no charge.

I have been coming here since i was a little girl and the stories that we were told from parents and grandparents make it a mysterious place full of tales of folklore. One story that i have never forgot was the one of the ‘Lady of the Lake’ who comes up from the depths of the lake and combs her golden hair. Another is the story of the Earl of Desmond who lives at the bottom of the lake and every seven years rides around the lake on his horse who wears silver shoes! I don’t know where these tales originated from but they’re interesting stories to pass along down through the generations although maybe not until they’re a bit older. I think stories about ghosts coming out of lakes might just warrant a few sleepless nights from nightmares!


Entrance fee to the Heritage centre costs just €15 per family, or if you just want to  explore the grounds including the walking trails or enjoying a family picnic beside the lake, it is free of charge. Please note that some parts of the walking trail are not buggy friendly. It has a large car park which is also free of charge. Lough Gur is a truly mystical place bursting with myths and folklore, it has been a firm favorite in our family for many years, no doubt we will be packing up a picnic and visiting this place over the summer again. Check out their website HERE for more information.



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