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School Run Rage!

I hate doing the school run. End of. It makes me crazy, i’m normally a somewhat calm level headed person but when it comes to this, i lose my shit. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am just back from doing the 3 o’ clock school run and it feels like i have just done a 2 hour cardio session. I’m hot, itchy, sweating buckets and i’m goddamn pissed off. I’ve complied a list of the top 5 things that piss me off about doing the school run…

  1. Some parents also doing the school run decide not to park their cars,  but rather abandon them ANYWHERE. I mean anywhere, nothing shocks me any more, they block entrances, they park on the main street (and leave it there i may add) i have even seen some park ON the pedestrian crossing. Makes me crazy, especially when  they block me in (double parked of course) and decide to stay yapping while i’m sat waiting to get home.
  2. Having to leave 20 minutes before time just to get a parking space. Seriously, it’s just ridiculous and sitting in a car for over half an hour with a child (that i collected at 2pm) a toddler and a baby screaming in the back is not fun.
  3. Teachers that are unable to tell the time. Home time is 3pm not 3:05, not 3:07. It’s 3pm. As said above, it’s long enough to sit with 3 kids in the back screaming their heads off. Let them out on time…PLEASE. You don’t know how many times i’ve had to bite my tongue with a teacher because of this.
  4. Traffic is at a standstill (thank you pedestrian crossing) and i’m manoeuvring like a maniac between trucks, tractors and everything in between, mainly due to people mentioned  in number one who cannot park and are blocking the whole place up.
  5. When i am having to manoeuvre my car full of screaming children through the chaos mentioned above i do not appreciate having stupid people opening their car doors out on top of me. Cop the feck on and pay attention or i  am seriously going to take one of your doors home with me one of these days.

There you go, today pissed me off more than normal as it was raining, the littlest one was screaming his head off as he hates being locked up in the car seat and the other 2 were fighting about who was in charge while i stood out in the rain getting soaked waiting for the other 2 to come out. To top it all off my sons teacher decided it wasn’t home time until ten past 3 as they weren’t finished whatever he was waffling on about. I now have to bribe the boy so he does not  tell said teacher that his mammy called him a p***k. Oops! Many other expletives were muttered under my breath on the drive home. Please tell me i’m not the only one that gets school run rage?


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