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10 Thoughts on Turning 30

Well, it has finally rolled around, i’ve hit the big 3-0. To be honest i do feel a lot older than 30, i’ve been raising little people since i was 18 years old and have spent all of my 20’s either pregnant or looking after kiddies. Still, over last few years i have learnt a few valuable life lessons the number one being not to let the little things bother me, call it being older and wiser. I have compiled a list of things that i didn’t know when i turned 20, and to be fair when i was 20 we had just moved into our new home, with a 3 year old and i was pregnant with my second son. The last 10 years especially have taught me so much.

  1. I don’t worry about the little things anymore, at my age i  just couldn’t be bothered anymore. I have also discovered that this has mellowed me as a mother aswell. Apologies to the first and second born, it took me a decade to master this!
  2. Our house now feels like home. We had been living in a grotty bedsit when expecting baby number one. We hated it. It was important to us to be able to set up a stable family home for our son and future children. I’m proud to say we have done that, although it wasn’t easy. Also because we were so young when we did set up  home together, it took a good few years for anywhere but the houses we grew up in to finally be able to say ‘yes, this feels like home to us’. Now, we are settled in our family home.
  3. I don’t need copious amounts of alcohol to have a great night out anymore. And i’m able to remember all the happenings the morning after. I don’t want to be nursing a hangover at my age and i can’t be dealing with missing scenes of what we got up to the night before. Don’t get me wrong, i still enjoy a few glasses of wine, but i now know my limits, and when to stop before things start getting messy.
  4. I’ve learnt from the mistakes i made in my 20’s but where i used to cringe about them i now laugh them off, after all life is too short to be worrying about what happened in the past.
  5. I’ve spent many a sleepless night rocking a teething little one or trying to bring down a high temperature to know that it has taken it’s toll. I  am feeling the effects of time and i now know i need to take care of myself too. My number one rule is i always take off my make up before i go to bed, if it’s the only thing i get time to do, i do it. Granted sometimes all that i have to hand is a packet of baby wipes, they will suffice!
  6. High heels are not my friend anymore. I could have probably done gymnastics in them 10 years ago, but now  with a dodgy back (thank you 5 pregnancies) an hour in high heels has me whinging like a baby and reaching for my fluffy slippers.
  7. My metabolism  is nowhere to be seen. Gone are the days of eating crap for breakfast. I know now if i do that the pounds will pile on. Time to keep stuff like that for the occasional treat and for some reason i  enjoy them more.
  8. My Stamina has also upped and left with my metabolism. I can no longer stay up til 3 in the morning and still be  up at 7 to get the kids ready for school and have bags of energy to get everything done. Now i’m lucky to be able to keep my eyes open past 9 o’ clock. I’m shattered as soon as the kids are gone to bed.
  9. Being comfortable is now my main priority. I cant be keeping up with all these fashion trends see also the heels answer. Now as soon as i’m in the front door it’s bra off and pyjamas on. Being comfy at 30 in now my motto.
  10. Time goes by so fast. It only seems like yesterday that we brought home our first little bundle. He is now almost 12, and we have welcomed 4 more bundles since then. So much has happened since then, it seems like time is just flying by. They are not little for long. So i’m just going to enjoy my little ones while they are little. Time will soon come when they will all be grown and i don’t want to look back and wonder where did they years go.

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