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Parenting boys is not for the faint hearted!

When i brought my first son home from the hospital i knew i was entering unchartered territory. Little did i know what lay ahead. I’m a girly girl at heart and didn’t have much experience with little boys prior to owning one myself! Fast forward 10 years and i am now the proud owner of not one, not two, but FOUR little boys of my very own. They are all at different stages and ages and each one mischievious and messy in their own little way. Here is a few lessons that having Four boys has taught me over the years…

  1. Boys love to get their bits out! They don’t care who is looking and think it’s hilarious to run around shaking their willy at each other. Male nudity is just something you will have to get used to.
  2. Boys think farts are funny. Ok, maybe sometimes they are but not letting one rip in the middle of a silent church…during a funeral…with about a million nuns. Thanks for that son. (i will never ever admit to holding in the laugh myself that day EVER!)
  3. Boys have crap aim. That goes for all of my boys. AND not one of them, including their dad is capable of putting the damn toilet seat down after them. Take heed boys sitting down to do our business on a pee splattered toilet seat is not fun nor is almost falling arse first into a baltic toilet when you’re half alseep in the middle of the night.
  4. Boys are drama queens too. Yes they really are, well mine are. They can do the diva stomp, roll their eyes, slam doors all that crap just as good if not better than my daughter.
  5. You will need to take out a second mortgage just to feed them. Keeping boys fed is a feckin challenge. I have seriously considered padlocking my fridge. My boys can devour man sized dinner portions and come back ten minutes later looking for a snack. It’s not even funny how much food we go through in a week. It’s worse during the summer holidays and i often have to do 2 grocery shops in a week when they’re off school.
  6. They will turn your house upside down. In a matter of minutes. No Joke. The saying goes ‘girls will wreck your head, but boys will wreck your house’ definitley rings true in this house anyway.
  7. Be prepared to replace a lot of stuff. Seriously, curtain poles pulled down, legs hanging off chairs. I have even had one of my boys try to  dismantle their bunk beds with a screwdriver that Santa had brought him the previous Christmas. Thanks for that Santa, kids tool set my arse.
  8. They see no danger in anything. Sometimes i feel like a referee when my boys start their wrestling matches, it’s just crazy. Between rough play and trying to jump  off bunk beds is it any wonder my hair is going grey. Be sure to keep plenty of band-aids in the house, you will no doubt need them.
  9. New clothes don’t ever last too long. It is shocking how quickly the knees get torn and the ends get frayed. You will be kept busy shopping more new clothes especially trousers and jeans.
  10. When they’re not at all of the above, they are quite lovable and huggable and their smiles would melt even the coldest of hearts. Raising little boys is never boring. If you can  get over the nudity and the farts it really is the most rewarding thing in the world.


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18 thoughts on “Parenting boys is not for the faint hearted!

  1. Bogey’s, my 3yo just can’t get enough of them…breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. He’s happy to share them too! And don’t get me started on the amount of trousers we get through at the moment, feel’s like at least one pair a week have holes in the knee. One week he excelled himself and got through 3 pairs! #chucklemums


  2. Love this. Mine is only 9 months so I’ve got it all to come. He’s already showing promising fart skills (his father is immensely proud of this fact) and has developed a fondness for bashing everything (and I mean everything, including my face) with a toy plastic hammer. #chucklemums


  3. You just hit the nail on the head… haha… I just kept nodding through every point! Oh my gosh do they eat!! I can’t keep up!! And I don’t understand how they can throw a ball in the DIRECT location needed, but to take a simple whizz is rocket science??? This gave me a good giggle! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week! xx #Globalblogging

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  4. I’m currently a mum to a 21 month old little girl and consider myself pretty girly, so coping quite well with this. However pregnant with baby #2 and find out the gender on Friday. This post will definitely prepare me for the unknown if this baby is a boy. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to sell all my possessions if both my children eat like my first, greedy monkeys!

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  5. This is my little guy all over. I seriously can not keep pants on him. He is constantly taking his undies off and running around. He never stops eating. I’ve gotten used to his love of danger, but when I took him home to see my family he had my sisters in constant heart attacks.


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