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What’s in my changing bag?

My little blog has been a bit neglected over the last few days, the reason for this is that my 8 year old got his First Holy Communion last Saturday and things have just been unbelievably busy. You would be amazed at how many things that have to be done when a special occasion comes up and basically trying to be in 2 places at the same time getting things finished up. One word….HECTIC!!!

Anyway, all over and done with now and he had a lovely day, even if the weather was a bit of a let down (it pissed out of the heavens all day long).

As we were out for the whole day and I had the changing bag completely cleaned out, by which I mean my old receipts and crap taken out of it, and as i love reading other mummy bloggers changing bag posts, i thought i would do my own!

13173954_1431071240252079_5630050977733293209_n (1)

My littlest one is now 11 months old so I don’t have to lug around everything but the kitchen sink any more, but when we’re out for the entire day I like to make sure that I have everything I need to hand in his bag.

13094253_1431071190252084_6666787226639890887_n (640x480) (2)

The bag itself is by JJ Cole, and i bought this is Smyths while i was still pregnant with my youngest so i’m not sure if you can still get it there. What i liked about it was the amount of stuff it actually holds, It’s huge. It also came with buggy clips to hang the bag off the handles of your stroller, and also a matching changing mat.

13164283_1431071036918766_8148871517825425876_n (640x480)

Pampers baby dry nappies. Pampers all the way. I probably carry more than i need to but i would rather have enough than run out.

Pampers sensitive baby wipes. These have always been my favourite brand of baby wipes.

Handful of Nappy sacks. I don’t carry around the full pack of nappy sacks, they’re just too bulky, i normally only throw a handful into the front pocket where they’re easy to get to when i need one.

Caldespray nappy rash spray cream. This spray is great when baby’s bum is sore as you don’t have to rub it in.

Change of clothes

I always keep a spare change of clothes packed in the bag for those puke or poo explosion moments. I include a spare pair of socks and a vest. This one is a Dribble stop top which has a waterproof layer around the chest area to keep baby nice and dry. You can read the review i did on it Here. I never leave the house now without it.

Handful of bibs. Pretty self explanatory really!

13221059_1431070986918771_5541878111913537616_n (640x480)

For feeding when out and about

Cow & Gate mum’s own jars & a spoon

These are super handy to throw in the bag. These 2 are the Cow ad Gate mum’s own Sunday Chicken Dinner and Hearty Beef Casserole. My son loves these.  This spoon is by Nuby and is extra long so reaching the bottom of the jars isn’t a problem. (the spoon is missing from the above image but it is in the main photo at the bottom of the post)

A messy Bib. This tiger one is also by Nuby and it’s great as it protects my baby’s clothes as the jars of food can stain his clothes.

Some snacks. I have some of these Ella’s Kitchen melty puffs and also some of  their melty hoops in the little tub. I also have a pack of these Heavenly organic Wafer wisps that i picked up recently. He loves to nibble on these and it keeps him occupied so i can enjoy my meal.

His bottle and his cup. I always keep both in his bag. The cup is by Nuby and the bottle is by Tommee Tippee and has the hole in the center which makes it easy for baby to hold.

Bottle of baby Juice. I don’t give my son juice every day but when we’re out and about i like to keep a bottle to hand in case it’s very warm and baby gets thirsty between his meals. This one is by Heinz.

Bottle of Calpol. This goes everywhere we go. You never know when you’re going to need it so it’s just easier to keep a bottle in the changing bag. Make sure older kids can’t get their hands on it though.

13133099_1431070920252111_794513043264022223_n (640x480)

Teething gel. My son is teething so i keep a tube of Bonjela with us, although he is not keen on it, i don’t tend to use it very often.

Plasters. These have saved the day for the older kids on more than one occasion.

Nivea Kids Factor 50+ Sun Cream. This little travel sized bottle is the perfect size to toss into his bag.

Packet of Pocket Tissues. For those snotty nose moments!

13166116_1431070950252108_4840340055476469766_n (640x480)

Sophie the Giraffe

My little boy would go into melt down mode if we left the house without Sophie. It is by far his favourite teether.

Vtech Little Singing Alfie

This was a Christmas gift he received last year and he loves it. It’s so handy because i can attach it to his stroller and it won’t get lost if he throws it.

Nuby Wacky Teether

Another top favourite, This is also by Nuby and i think it’s the design of it that makes it so easy for him to hold that he loves it.

Soother Chain. This one is by Nuk and it’s the only one he can’t seem to open!

Dummy’s. Lots and Lots of dummies. He throws them everywhere, we go through so many it’s not even funny. These ones are by MAM and Tommee Tippee, but he loves the Avent ones aswell. I love the MAM ones as they come in a little box you can pop into the microwave to sterilise them and it keeps them clean when we’re out and about.

I normally keep in there aswell

A Wet bag (for poonami moments!)

Keys, lip balm, Purse and phone

A Bottle of his milk

13173831_1431071150252088_3331328585039498339_n (640x480)

So that’s what’s inside my changing bag, Looking at it now it does seem that i carry around A LOT of stuff. But, i would rather have it in the bag than get caught short while i’m out somewhere. It’s funny now to look back at how much the contents have changed since he was a newborn and i’m sure no doubt it will dramatically change over the next 12 months aswell. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post. What are your changing bag essentials?





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