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Cognikids crawl suit Review

A while back we were sent one of these crawlsuits by Cognikids to review. I was so excited about trying this out especially after seeing them on Rte Dragon’s Den. The littlest one was making great attempts to crawl but the fact that i have hardwood floors throughout the house he was finding it extremely difficult to get a grip with his knees on the floor.

13686578_1499143150111554_2888531158752468250_n (480x640)

These award winning suits are amazing, they have little grips on just the right places on the knees and tops and soles of the feet to allow your baby to be able to grip the floor and not end up sliding back down onto their bellies.

13680918_1499143116778224_2957208189601898476_n (480x640)

The suits retails for €18.99, offer worldwide delivery and free shipping. You can choose between Blue, Mint, Pink or cream colours and they come in sizes 6-9months, 9-12 months,12-18 months and 18-24 months.

13882607_1499143153444887_3799308281652029758_n (480x640)

We were fortunate to receive the new type of crawl suit, the older type one had bug design grips, this is the one featured on Dragons Den and is a lovely circular design. We opted for the mint one, absolutely love the colour.

We have been using it for a good few weeks now and it has been washed several times, it’s made of hard wearing 100% cotton material, that is really soft and washes very well. It is true to size and fits him very well.

13876291_1499143163444886_9154254863015355225_n (480x640)

Within ten minutes of wearing the suit he was up on his knees, not slumping back down onto his belly. It did take another week or 2 before he got the confidence to start crawling but he did eventually get there and is now flying around the place and i believe it is down the the crawl suit.

If you would like information or to buy one of these crawl suits you can visit the Cognikids Website Here


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