Parenting | Guide to Getting your Child to School Safely.

Most children have started back at school after the long summer break, and the second week in i have already seen so many near misses and close calls with children making their way to school. It’s crazy the amount of children dashing out from behind cars whilst the parent doesn’t even bother to get out of the car, parents double parking, obstructing the view from the pedestrian crossing, i swear some people seem to think by putting on their hazard warning lights it gives them the right to park wherever they like. I hate the school run, it evokes so many emotions in me every time, mainly anger and frustration by some peoples lack of common sense.

Driving your Child to School

This is the most common way that children in our town travel to school and the sheer stupidity of some people is mind boggling. Children sticking their heads and arms out of car windows, it’s careless, stupid and highly dangerous. Kids should be properly secured in the car with appropriate car seats and and the child locks should be kept on doors and windows at all times. Same rule applies to you, set a good example to your child and always wear your seat belt.

My number one pet peeve of all time is parents leaving their children alone, sometimes even locked into vehicles by themselves. There is never any reason to warrant doing this, EVER. I don’t care if you’re only going to be a few minutes, don’t do it. A few minutes is all it takes for something to go horribly wrong.

Always respect the school wardens, it’s shocking the amount of drivers not co operating with school wardens, who drive straight through the crossing as if the warden is not there.

Try to park on the school side of the road, not always possible of course but make sure you get out of the car with your child and safely cross the road. Same goes for collecting from school, never call to your child from across the road.

Walking to school.

Unless it is a particularly bad day i usually walk my children to school, obviously if it’s pouring rain i’ll drive them but other than that we walk. I personally have not allowed my children to walk to school without an adult, usually me. I have had to loosen up on this rule this year with the oldest having turned 12, but because my other children are only 8, 7 and 4 i insist on walking them to school.

Teach your child about crossing the road, if there is a pedestrian crossing, use it. Make sure they stop at the edge of the footpath, you would be amazed at the amount of kids who simply step off the footpath, straight onto the road.

Never allow your child to cross the road between parked cars, I see this on an almost daily basis outside the school. Your child won’t be able to see oncoming traffic and the drivers won’t be able to see the child until the last second if at all.

If your child is particularly young always keep a hold of their hand, especially crossing the road.

Never take a chance yourself, if your child sees you darting across the road carelessly they will think it’s ok for them to do it.

If your child is walking on country roads make sure they wear a reflective armband, vest or belt. This is especially important when heading into the winter months, when the mornings are much darker and dreary.

Travelling to school by Bus

Make sure your child knows how to get on and off public transport safely.

While waiting for their bus ensure they stand well in on the footpath.

Your child should remain seated whilst on the bus at all times and always wear their seat belts if there is one provided.

Make sure the bus has moved off fully before attempting to cross the road and that they check in both directions to make sure the road is clear.


All of my children have been taught road safety in school, which is great, however you should emphasis this to your child also. The best person to teach your child is you, and always set a good example and practice road safety yourself.



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