Life | 15 Things i Love about Autumn

The mornings are getting crisper and the evenings are getting longer, yep Autumn is coming and i cannot wait. It’s not yet as cold as it gets in the height of winter and the humidity of summer has long gone with.

There’s so much to love about this season from the changing colours to the different smells in the much cooler air. It’s my favourite out of all the seasons so get ready to Fall into Autumn.

  1. Comfy Jumpers. Not a crop top or pair of shorts in sight.
  2. Family Movie Nights.With a gigantic bowl of Popcorn, Best Thing Ever.
  3. Snuggling up with your special someone under a fuzzy blanket. Nothing like the cooler weather to bring you closer together.
  4. Netflix and getting stuck into a tv show everone’s already seen. American Horror Story i’m talking about you!
  5. Crisp Mornings and getting that lovely fresh air into your lungs.
  6. Hot Chocolate. With Marshmallows.
  7. Warm Crackling fire. And warming your tootsies in front of it.
  8. Stew for dinner. Bye bye Salads, one of the perks of autumn and winter is a good hearty stew for dinner to warm you up.
  9. Leaves changing colours. The trees look so beautiful in the Autumn, like an oil painting. And we all love the feeling of them crunching under our feet, don’t we?
  10. Halloween. Costumes, Trick or Treating, Bobbing for apples, SWEETS! What’s not to love?
  11. Carving Pumpkins. And seeing your final materpiece lit up outside on Halloween Night.
  12. Rain pelting off the roof. Yes it happens nearly all the time here in Ireland, but it’s got a nicer feel to it in the Autumn, when you’re snuggled up in bed listening to the rain pour outside. Quite relaxing and romantic at the same time.
  13. Candles Flickering. Especially when they smell of cinnamon and make your house smell amazing at the same time.
  14. Fuzzy Socks and Fluffy Pyjamas. Shortie pyjamas and cami’s are no more. Bring on the snuggly fluffy pyjamas and socks. My absolute favourite, i would live in these if i could.
  15. Leather Boots. Again sandals and flip flops are a thing of the past and it’s a great excuse reason to get shopping for essential new footwear.



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