Is it too Early to get Excited for Christmas?

I know, I know i mentioned the C word in September, but i love Christmas. It’s my absolute favourite time of year and especially with 5 kids in the house it just makes it all the more spectacular. There is a magical feeling in the air at Christmas time and all yummy smells and the twinkling lights just adds to the festive feeling. What’s not the love?

That being said, having  5 kids also means that there’s a lot of work and expense at Christmas so i like to be organised. I just can’t understand how people can leave all their shopping until Christmas Eve, i would be gone crazy!

I always start picking up bits for Christmas in the January sales and carry right on through the summer, it spreads the cost throughout the year and it means by the time Christmas rolls around again i have some great bargain buys that i have stashed away.

For example this year i have most of my stocking fillers already bought, and i’ve got presents for quite a few family members stored away aswell (not wrapped as of yet, i’m not that organised unfortunately). But when September comes around i go into full on Christmas mode and when you have a large family to organise for there’s lots to make, do and buy, I like to have as much as i can done early.

As much as i do love Christmas it does have it’s downside – The Christmas Rush. The packed shopping centers, The mile long queue’s, nope, not for me. I get road rage walking behind slow people in shopping centers especially the ones who decide to stop point blank in the middle of the aisle to have a chat. It drives me insane. When it can be done online, that’s the way i’ll do it. I’m always on the lookout online for a bargain, delivered straight to my door with no trudging around bustling shops with 5 kids in tow.

Now the only problem i have encountered with shopping throughout the year is that i am running out of places to actually hide the stuff and this has become increasingly difficult as the kids are getting older. I ran out of space under the bed and in the back of the wardrobe a long time ago. They are now in a box in the attic, but i’ll have to come up with a new plan for next year as the are beginning to suss me out there too!

I have seen some of the Christmas and Halloween stock beginning to appear in the shops and i like the fact that i can now being picking up bits and pieces when i’m doing my grocery shop, be done early and be able to relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas without the stress of feeling rushed. Also i find when i’m impulse buying a present i tend to spend more on it because i know i have to get something.

Are you excited for Christmas yet? Have you started shopping for Christmas yet? Are you someone who likes to leave it until Christmas Eve?  Let me know in the comments below?


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