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The Lidl Baby Box

A couple of weeks ago i recieved an email from maternity and Infant magazine announcing thay they were partnering with Lidl Ireland to launch a new free baby box. Great, who doesn’t love a freebie right? Anyway i registered my details and a week later they emailed me my voucher to collect my box at my chosen Lidl store.

I collected my box on Saturday and i couldn’t wait to get it home and dive in to see what was inside.

The box itself is really nice, i especially love the pastel colours and the cute little stork and elephants on the sides, really nice touch.


So What was inside the box?


A pack of Newborn nappies Toujours newborn nappies

I haven’t used the lidl brand of nappies before, i actually didn’t know do them in newborn size, so i was amazed to discover how good quality these nappies are. They are so soft, i wish i had known about them when mine were newborns as they would have saved us a small fortune.

Pack of Baby Wipes Toujours Baby Wipes

I have to be careful when choosing wipes for my little boy as his skin is so sensitive some baby wipes can make his bum sore. The only wipes that don’t seem to aggravate his skin are Pampers sensitive or Water Wipes. I tend to be a bit cautious, so i haven’t actually tried them yet.

Pack of W5 Antibacterial Bathroom wipes

I always keep a pack of cleaning wipes in the bathrooms for a quick wipes down especially when i’m rushing and these ones smell really nice too.

Cien Body Lotion

This is part of Lidl’s recent launch of their travel sized products. I think i will save this for when we plan our next weekend away as the bottle is a nice and handy size to pop in your wash bag without being too big and bulky.

Dentalux kids toothpaste

This toothpaste is aged from ages 0-6 and the kids have already started using it. It smells and tastes amazing, however i think this might be a bit strong tasting for the 15 month old. The 4 year old thinks it’s great though, he gets the full tube all to himself!

Cien Antiperspirant deodorant spray

Again, this travel sized spray is really handy to throw into your handbag. I carry a deodorant everywhere and it smells lovely too.

Cien Milk & Lavender Hand Lotion

This was a nice addition especially as we are heading into the colder months now, i find my hands get very dry. I’ll definetely make good use out of this, and again it’s small enough to toss into my handbag.

Cien Lip Balm

The amount of lip balms we go through in this house is ridiculous. My oldest son has claimed this from the box. His lips get very sore and chapped especially when he’s got football training in the cold weather.

I was really impressed with the contents of the box and the amount of things inside it. I will use everything except the nappies, and i will admit they did make me broody! But, i’m sure i’ll be able to pass them on to someone who needs them. It gives parents a great opportunity to try out different products before buying which is great and it’s a great helping hand to any family with young children or expectant parents.

If you would like your own Lidl Baby box, you can register your details at Maternity and Infant here.

Basically you just register your details with maternity and infant magazine, wait for them to email you your voucher when your baby box is ready. When you recieve your voucher you can either print it out or show it on your phone in store to claim your box. Simple as that.



5 thoughts on “The Lidl Baby Box

  1. oh yay always fun getting goodies. I agree though it is always better to be careful withs sensitive skin #globalblogging


  2. Ooo they actually have quite a lot of stuff! The hand lotion sounds nice and the anti bacterial wipes for the bathroom, in desperate need of those at the moment! The little one is in to EVERYTHING especially the bathroom for some weird reason he loves it in there yikes! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


  3. What a lovely box! It’s like Christmas morning receiving goodies like this in the post! I always get excited!! Who doesn’t need an extra pack of Wetwipes! It’s liquid Gold! Thanks for linking up to #GlobalBlogging , look forward to seeing you next week!


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