Killer Clown Craze?

Let me just start off by admitting I HATE CLOWNS! I have always hated clowns, ever since i was allowed to watch Stephen Kings ‘IT’ when i was very young. Not the best idea my mother had, letting her maybe 6 or 7 year old daughter watch something that ended up giving her a lifelong fear of things that graced the many birthday parties in the years that followed. But, anyway.

When i heard about this craze, that generally had started and was still in America at the time, it terrified the crap out of me. So, imagine hearing that this was now becoming a ‘thing’ across both the UK and Ireland. Stuff my nightmares are made of!

There has been many reports across social media in the last week including pictures of sinister clowns carrying knives and even chainsaws terrorising people up and down the country. Cctv footage of clowns trying to open doors to gain access to peoples homes during the night has also emerged on social media, and it is absolutely terrifying. Seriously, who decided that this was a good idea?

I saw one particular video online of a sinister looking clown walk up to a parked car, tap on it with what looked to be a huge knife, stand and wave rather creepily at the occupants of the car and it got me thinking. If this were to happen to me, when sitting in my car with my kids, what would i do? Clowns to me are unsettling creatures, never mind when I’m not expecting one to jump out of the darkness with the sole purpose of frightening the crap out of people if not worse.

I read a a rather unsettling report last week of three clowns entering a school in Dublin armed with fake chainsaws was reported to the Gardai, who said they were investigating the incident. It turned out that the trio had entered the school by mistake and were promoting a Halloween event, but the school kids didn’t know that and they certainly wouldn’t have known at the time that the chainsaws were fake. It must have been absolutely terrifying for them. And the last thing we need as parents is the worry that these creepy individuals are entering schools with our kids in there.

My seven year old daughter came home from school terrified after hearing about the Killer Clowns and was petrified to even go to bed alone for fear one would get her during the night. Enough is enough. Some twats might think that it’s funny to dress up and go out on a scaring spree, but what about the more sinister aspect of it. Take John Wayne Gacy for example, who worked as a part time clown, he molested and murdered 33 teenage boys and hid their bodies in the crawl space of his home, before being caught and executed by lethal injection in 1994. He may or may not have been dressed as a clown at the time but it still awarded him the alias of the Killer Clown. It’s not funny, it never was funny and we don’t need sick individuals like this who may elevate this craze to their own twisted advantage.

The most chilling thing that i have read in the past few days was that these clowns are allegedly planning their own ‘purge’ on 30th of October, the day before Halloween and that people were to be vigilant, stay indoors, keep pets indoors and keep all windows and doors locked.  I mean really, People shouldn’t have to fear going outside in this day and age. Is it going to get to the stage that parents are going to be too afraid to take their children trick or treating for fear of these things? It’s 2016 for heavens sake. But, i can see why parents are cautious, i know if one of my kids saw one of them lurking about in the darkness it would scar them for life.

These reports over social media may be scaremongering people, but it’s very hard not to take them seriously when you don’t know what these peoples intentions are. It is getting out of hand and needs to stop. So please, if you’re even considering joining in with this please consider what you are doing, what you are adding to. People are genuinely afraid to leave their houses. It’s Halloween, kids are supposed to be excited to go out trick or treating, not dreading whether a clown is going to jump out and attack them. Put an end to it now, before someone gets hurt or worse.

As much as i despise clowns and am so pissed off that they’re trying to ruin Halloween for everyone I for one am not giving into them and i will be taking my children trick or treating. We usually go with a few friends anyway, so that’s something at least. But anyone that decides that it would be funny to scare my kids, you have been warned. I will transform into ninja mammy, never mess with a mum and her kids.

Don’t forget to report any incidents to the Gardai as they have issued a report that if any incident is reported involving a criminal matter that it will be fully investigated by them.


Have you seen any of these Killer Clowns in your area? What would you do if you encountered one? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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