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Review | Childs Farm

The lovely people over at Childs Farm HQ were kind enough to send us some of their  products to try out.


If you haven’t heard of Childs Farm, they produce Toiletries for babies and children which don’t contain any paraben, SLS’s mineral oil and artificial colours. They are suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin and are over 98% naturally derived ingredients. Their products are gentle enough to be used on newborns and have won a ton of awards including Gold at the Prima Baby and Pregnancy awards 2016  and  Platinum at this years Junior Design awards. Pretty Impressive.

Now I am normally very cautious about what i use on the kids especially the youngest as his skin is quite sensitive and prone to dry patches and breakouts so to see that these are both pediatrician and dermatologist approved is a huge bonus for us. We all want only the best for our children after all.

Here’s what we were sent to try out…


Organic Raspberry extract Bubble Bath

We loved the smell of this bubble bath like sitting in a bath full of raspberries, and the amount of fluffy bubbles it produced was incredible. The 4-year-old loves the pirate on the bottle and now thinks he’s a pirate too. I love the smell it leaves in the bathroom even when bath time is over.

Newborn and Baby Organic Coconut Baby Oil

I don’t normally use baby oil I just don’t like it. The only time i would have use for it was to soften my son’s cradle cap when he had it a few times when he was younger. I never liked the way it wouldn’t absorb into the skin and just left everything it touched feeling oily. But i said i would give this a go and I’m so glad that i did. The spray bottle makes it so much easier to apply and the gentle hint of coconut was nice and not a bit over powering. We did a bit of baby massage with this, and it is so light that absorbed straight into his skin and left it so soft.

Blackberry and Organic Apple Hair and Body Wash

I used this on my 16 month old son, who has the most adorable curly blonde hair (don’t know where he got that from both myself and busy Irish daddy have the darkest brown hair!) While his curls attract loads of compliments they are a nightmare to keep tangle free. After using this his curls were soft and shiny and stayed tangle free. I could still smell it on him the next day, my friend had actually thought I had put perfume on the child!

 Strawberry and Organic Mint 3 in One Swim

This is an amazing product. I especially find with my daughter, when she’s been to the swimming pool I can’t get that horrible smell of chlorine off of her hair, even after it’s been washed. It also tended to make her hair very dry and knotty. When i used this on her after her swimming lesson, it made her hair so soft and shiny, not a bit dry and the smell of chlorine was gone. It smells gorgeous and I think i will be purchasing the big bottle in the near future to use on my own hair too after being in the pool! This was definitely one of our favourites.

Grapefruit and Organic Tea Tree moisturizer

I wish i had discovered this moisturizer sooner. It is by far the best one i have used on the kids. You only need the tiniest amount and it glides onto the skin so smoothly and absorbs quickly. We all know kids don’t have the patience to wait too long for moisturiser to absorb! It isn’t sticky or gloopy and leaves the skin silky smooth and soft. I will be trying this out on my own skin too.

The packaging is super cute, i especially love the little farm animals on the bottles as do my little ones. My 4-year-old keeps asking to use the horsey shampoo every time he’s in the bath! They are super cute to have displayed in my bathroom and I’ve had a ton of questions from visitors as to where i purchased them. The 50ml travel sized bottles are great for popping into a holiday or sleepover bag, they also sell the bigger 250ml bottles which is great if you have a few kids using it.

The box also contained these cute little colouring books that the kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on. They kept them occupied all evening practicing their handwriting and colouring in the adorable farm animals that feature on the bottles.

I would highly recommend all of the Childs Farm range to anyone with children, they truly are amazing. I will definitely be re purchasing the 3 in 1 swim and the Blackberry and Apple hair and body wash. They have become firm favorites in this house. They are not the cheapest of kids bath products on the market, the 3 in 1 swim wash costs €5.99,  but they are not the most expensive either, and for the quality and naturalness of them they are in my opinion worth every cent.

If you would like to learn more about Childs Farm or to purchase some of their amazing products you can visit their website here. They also sell cute little gift sets and hair accessories, a few of which I have my eye on as gift ideas for Christmas. If, like me, you live in Ireland you can also pick them up here at Boots

Have you ever tried any of the Childs Farm range? Did you love them as much as we did? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Disclaimer: We were sent these selection of childs farm products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and are 100% honest.


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