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Review | Benefit Girl O’ Clock Rock Advent Calendar

I am a huge make up junkie, and a massive fan of Benefit make up. I already own way too much and i didn’t really need any more….BUT, when i was browsing on the Debenhams website and i saw this i just had to have it.

It’s the Girl O’ Clock Rock 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar, and it contains a set of 12 miniature Benefit best sellers. I already have some of them in my make up kit but there was a few items that i don’t have and  was excited to try out. The kit comes in a really nice presentation box, that once opens sings a catchy tune that has been playing in my head since!

Now you should note, that when they say these are miniatures, they really mean  it, so don’t expect huge size products they really are quite small. But as i don’t wear a lot of make up every day the sizes are perfect for me to try them out. If i really like them i will then go on to purchase the full size product.

I know it’s an advent calendar and you’re supposed to open one door a day in December but i don’t have the will power to wait until December to open it, never mind opening only one door a day in December. I couldn’t wait to tear into it and see what goodies were inside.

Let’s take a look, shall we…?



Dandelion Baby Pink Brightening face powder 3.0g

I’ve never tried Dandelion before, but i have swatched it and it looks really nice. So i’ll update when I’ve experimented with this a bit more.

High Beam Satiny Pink Complexion Highlighter 2.5ml

This has been part of my make up kit for years. It a firm favourite of mine, i apply this onto the tops of my cheek bones and it gives a lovely angelic look! I also use this under the arch of my eye brows and on the cupids bow of my lips. It’s so creamy and just glides on, love it.

LolliTint Candy-orchid tinted lip and cheek stain 2.5ml

This is my first time to try out the Lollitint, i have been  using the Benetint and Positint for years tho, so if this one is as good as those, it will be a nice addition to my make up collection.


The Professional Pro Balm To Minimize the appearance of pores 3.0ml

This is another product that has graced my make up bag for years, i love it. It really does make my pores disappear as if by magic, and I’m sure it will still be a staple in my kit for many more years to come.

They’re Real! Mascara Beyond Mascara 3.0g

I have never tried this mascara either but i have heard so many great reviews on it that i cannot wait to try it out. I haven’t opened it yet as I’m still using the too faced better than sex one and i don’t want it to dry out. But, i will update you all on how i get on with this mascara when i try it out.

Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain 2.5ml

I use Benetint on a daily basis, i love the flush of colour it gives to my cheeks, especially on days that I’m tired, pale and basically looking like crap.

Posietint Poppy-Pink Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain 2.5ml

I also use Posietint on a daily basis alongside Benetint to create a bit of a 3d effect on the cheeks. It’s a really nice pinky tint.

They’re Real! Remover Strip-Down Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover 7.5ml

This one i was so excited to try out as i find it so hard to remove some mascaras, especially the waterproof mascara. So I’m looking forward to see if it works.

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Lollibop 6.5ml

 A really nice gloss that’s not sticky or gloopy. This is my first time trying out this gloss so I’m really pleased to try this one out.

It’s Potent Eye Cream Brightening Eye Cream To Fade Dark Circles 3.0g

This is going to be my new best friend. I have horrific dark circles and bags under my eyes. Put it down to having 5 kids and not having slept right in 12 years! I can use all the help i can get in disguising the dark circles under my eyes! I may do a seperate review on this in the future.

Hoola Bronzing Powder 3g

This is an amazing bronzer, one of the best I’ve ever used even. I find with cheap bronzers that they’re not pigmented enough to actually work and some can even make my face look dirty. This one doesn’t, it really gives a nice sun-kissed glow wherever i apply it.



So there you have it, that’s what was in the Benefit Girl O’ Clock Rock Kit. I’m so thrilled with it. This kit costs €46 in Debenhams but it’s worth around €74 and i think it will be a hot seller for Christmas this year so I’m delighted i spotted it before they were all sold out! I will use everything in it especially as the social life gets a bit busier over the festive season. This would be a great gift idea this Christmas, for any lady or even teen who loves her make up. It is limited edition also, so if you would like to get your hands on one you can do so HERE.

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