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Top 20 Best Horror Movies for Halloween

I love Halloween, in fact I love anything supernatural or paranormal. I have only recently discovered American Horror Story over on Netflix and have binge watched my way through all the 4 series that were up. So to get an email informing me that season 5 was now up i couldn’t wait to start bingeing on the fifth series – ‘Hotel’. My favourite of the series so far has been Murder House, followed closely by Asylum, then Coven and finally Freak Show, which if I’m honest, i didn’t enjoy as much as the first three installments. So I can’t wait to get stuck into the next season.

Busy Irish Daddy and I were discussing the other evening as to which were the scariest horror movies we have ever seen. And, as Busy Irish Daddy is not easy to scare, I’m a big chicken, love watching them and i have been a bit de-sensitized to a lot of the scary storylines, but some frighten the bejaysus out of me and still give me nightmares at my age, especially anything centered around demonic possession. I will watch a horror movie and I’ll be fine until bedtime comes and i start hearing creaks and noises and my imagination goes into over drive. I certainly cannot watch them on my own.

We have two new additions lined up to watch this Halloween – The Witch and Unfriended so i will probably update this list as and when we come across another good movie. So far we have come up with the Top 20 Scary Horror movies that we have even seen. I’m going to start at 20 and I’m going to work my way down the list.

20. Paranormal Activity (2007)

A young couple move into their very first starter home only to discover upon video documenting themselves sleeping that they are being disturbed during the night by a demonic presence. A lot of people do not like this movie, i am not one of them. I found this movie to be deeply disturbing and kept me in suspense the whole way through. I can still envision something dragging me out of bed by the leg and hauling me down the stairs. It took a long time before i had the nerve to sleep with my leg hanging over the side of the bed after watching this movie. Even now i get that awful image flashing in my head if any part of my anatomy is out from under the covers!

19. The Shining (1980)

A family agree to take care of a hotel for the Winter only to discover supernatural forces are at work. As they are so isolated from the world, the little boy, Danny tries to use his special gift ‘The Shining’ to access help from the world outside. There are some very creepy moments in this movie that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The sheer eeriness of it and how provokes the thoughts of the possibility of ending up in a situation like this takes The Shining into my top 20.

18. The Amityville Horror (1979)

Based on the true story documenting the events that surrounded the Lutz family in Amityville, Long Island. Despite the warnings that the house has a dark past being the scene of a brutal mass murder the young family move in only to discover their new house is harboring an evil entity. This story has seen so much controversy and bizarre as it goes the movie is great. Real old school horror at it’s best.

17. Poltergeist (1982)

When strange occurences start to happen at the home of the Freeling family, they at first assume it to be a friendly somewhat amusing spirit. Things soon take a more sinister turn when their young daughter Carol-Ann is abducted and the family find themselves being terrorized by the evil entity. From Carol-Ann uttering those famous words ‘They’re here’ to that eerie static television scene it is truly one of the greats. This is one you must see at least once in your life time.

16. Sinister (2012)

After moving his family into a new house that was previously the scene of a brutal slaying, crime writer Ellison soon uncovers strange film footage that depict a strange entity. Things soon start taking a turn for the worse. Look no further if you want a horror that is terrifying and will have you hiding behind your pillow (is that just me?) This is one creepy as hell movie truly ‘Sinister’. Perfect for Halloween.

15. The Babadook (2014)

When a young mother and her son who are still haunted by the death of their husband and father, discover a strange book in their house about a babadook monster strange happenings start to occur. This isn’t your normal bloody, gorey or even slasher horror movie. The plot of the movie has a sadness to it. You won’t find any jump scare moments in this movie, more of an unsettling even claustrophobic creepiness.

14. Insidious (2010)

When a family’s young son, Dalton falls into an unexplained coma. They soon discover there is more than meets the eye and enlist the help of a paranormal expert to help save their son before he is lost in another realm forever. The amount of jump scare moments in this movie are constant. They are literally from start to finish. The storyline is amazing and keeps you hooked right up until the very end.

13. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Imagine not wanting to fall asleep with the fear that an evil bogey-man is going to violently murder you in you blissful slumber. Nightmare on Elm Street preys on the fear that you’re not even safe in your dreams. I love everything about this movie especially the melodious tune that’s associated with…One, Two Freddy’s coming for you! Love it.

12. The Woman in Black (2012)

A young widower travels to a remote village where he encounters a benevolent spirit of a woman dressed in black who is terrorising the local people. There are plenty of moments in this movie that keep you hanging on the verge of your seat, really does draw you into the story and keeps you guessing. This one is often overlooked on many horror movie lists and i myself only came across it by accident when it shown on a television channel that we just happened to be watching at the time. I really enjoyed this movie, it ticks all the right boxes for what I’m looking for in a horror movie.

11. The Omen (1976)

American Ambassador who, after his own child is still-born, takes a baby whose mother has died in childbirth. Unbeknown to his wife, strange occurences begin to happen soon after leading the ambassador to question whether Damian is the antichrist – son of the Devil. The Omen is one of those eerie unexplained stories that is up there amongst all the great horror movies of all time. An all time Classic.

10. Pet Sematary (1989)

A young family move into a perfect new house in the country side in what seems like an idyllic setting. Questions arise when they discover a mysterious cemetery nestled in the woods behind their house and their neighbours are not too keen on discussing it. This was one of the very first horror movies I’ve seen and i still go back to it to this day. Without spoiling the story line some parts are very upsetting and hard to watch and makes you ask yourself ‘what if sometimes, being dead is better’? You’ll know what i mean when you watch this great classic movie.

9. The Grudge (2004)

When an american nurse moves to Tokyo only to discover a vengeful spirit who possesses its victims in a bid to pass a curse onto each one. After a series of horrifying deaths she must find a way to break this curse before she is the next victim. This is a great movie, what makes this one stand out is the fact that it’s not based in a haunted house. It’s the possibility that who ever enters this house will be haunted. There were plenty of scares in this one and does exactly what a horror movie is supposed to do. Frighten the crap out of you!

8. It (1990)

Based on the popular novel by Stephen King, ‘It’ focuses on a group of social outcasts who are being tormented by an evil demon with the ability to shape shift into an evil clown who feeds off the fears of children in order to kill them. Having banished the clown when they were children they must once again try to eliminate him as adults. This is where my irrational fear of clowns was born. Although it’s not a truly horrifying movie and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. If you already have a fear of clowns this is the movie for you this Halloween.

7. Annabelle (2014)

When a newly married couples home is invaded by members of a satanic cult supernatural occurences begin to happen around their rare Vintage Doll – Annabelle. Basically this already creepy looking doll becomes a conduit for an evil entity that has been conjured up. I will just start off by stating I am not a fan of dolls, especially porcelain dolls. I feel their eyes searing into me when I’m in a room with one. I really liked this movie that is again based upon (well the beginning is anyway) paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren’s experience with the doll and in some ways a prequel to the Conjuring. It may not be the most terrifying movies i have ever seen, but it has plenty of jump moments and is well worth a watch.

6. The Ring (2002)

A journalist seeks out answers after a mysterious videotape is causing the deaths of anyone who watches it. Although it is supposed to be an urban legend it appears to have already claimed the lives of several teenagers. I had the preconception that movie was going to be crap. I was wrong. This movie creeped my out so much the images on the videotape haunted my  dreams for weeks after watching it. This one even disturbed Busy Irish Daddy and that is no easy feat. I have to give credit to ‘The Ring’ because it is one twisted movie!

5. The Fourth Kind (2009)

Based in Alaska this movie focuses on the UFO sightings and multiple mysterious disappearances in the remote area psychologist Dr. Abigail begins documenting her sessions with her traumatized patients only to discover disturbing evidence of alien abduction. Now I will just start off by saying i am not normally a fan of alien or UFO movies. This was Busy Irish Daddy’s ideas to watch but i was so glad that we did. This movie is intense and frightening especially some of the sounds on the ‘actual’ recordings and some of the images will stay in your mind for a while after watching. My one piece of advise for anyone wanting to see this movie is not to research it before watching. Go in with an open mind and no preconceptions of it.

4. The Conjuring (2013)

Director James Wan is fast becoming my firm favourite when it comes to horror movies. The Conjuring focuses on paranormal investigation couple Ed & Lorraine Warren who attempt to help a family being terrorized by an evil entity in their farmhouse. This is by far one of the best horror movies produced in the last ten years. Based on real events documented by real life couple Ed and Lorraine, investigators of the Amityville Horror House. It’s slow to start off but doesn’t disappoint in the fright factors.

3. The Devil Inside (2012)

Isabella travels from America to Italy documenting her investigation into what happened to her mother who murdered three clergymen and instead of being convicted was sent to a mental institution in Italy. Now this movie doesn’t appeal to everyone and there are some mixed reviews out there about it but i really enjoyed it. The fact is, this is a creepy movie and i was honestly disturbed watching it. The thoughts of demons running wild is not a nice thought to bring to bed with you at night and the hospital scenes where Isabella visits her mother were chilling and nightmarish. Which is why ‘The Devil Inside’ has made its way onto this list.

2. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Hot Shot Lawyer, Erin, takes to the courtroom to defend Fr. Moore who stands trial for murder over the death of young girl, Emily during a gruelling exorcism. This movie is actually based around real events which made watching the movie that bit more terrifying. I loved the court room style story line of this movie and it didn’t lack ‘make you jump’ moments. There are some very frightening and unsettling scenes in this movie that are delivered amazingly by the actors.

1. The Exorcist (1973)

When young girl, Regan, appears to be possessed by an evil entity, her mother enlists the help of two priests to cast the malevolent spirit out. This is without doubt the scariest most frightening thing i have ever watched. I think because i wasn’t allowed to watch it until i turned 16, made the hype of what i was going to see that bit more mysterious and it did not disappoint. To this day i still find this movie extremely creepy and disturbing, even the eerie soundtrack that goes with it. I have never and will never watch this movie on my own. Everyone hears about the pea soup, the 360 degree head spin, the spider walk on the stairs and even Regan’s antics with the crucifix, but one thing is for sure this is one of the classic horror movies, one of the best of all times and it really makes you question the possibility that is demonic possession and even your own faith.

So there’s our Top 20 Horror Movies. Are any of these on your list? What is the scariest horror movie that you have ever seen?

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6 thoughts on “Top 20 Best Horror Movies for Halloween

  1. Ooooh interesting. When it comes to horror films I am abit unsure. I find some too unreal to be scared by but some really strike a cord with me and really freak me out. For example the ring or the conjuring didn’t really have much impact but I can imagine find the devil inside quite disturbing and theeefore scary. As for the exorcist it does have classic status but I didn’t find it particularly scary the only thing I didn’t like was when she wrote ‘help me’ on her tummy – something about that made me feel uncomfortable. Weird huh. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun


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