Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally here. I absolutely love Halloween, the trick or treating, the bobbing for apples, the costumes, the make up, what’s not to love.

We usually start off the day watching Hocus Pocus while we get stuck into carving  the pumpkins. The kids love to help scraping out the brains and chasing daddy with them, they love any excuse to get messy. We have watched Hocus Pocus every Halloween since the eldest was born it’s become our little Halloween tradition

The kids love putting on their costumes and getting their faces painted. This year we have a skeleton, a werewolf, a pirate, a vampirella and a baby Frankenstein. I’m not dressing up myself this year because I just feel so unwell and drained, so I’m going to leave it to the kids for this year.

I take the children out trick or treating and this year will be no different – Clowns or no Clowns! I normally love taking them out but this year I feel so ill and unwell that it will be a challenge. The head cold and migraine are the worst. We usually head out with some of the kids cousins so people must love seeing us coming there’s so many of us. It will be a bit different this year as my oldest son is heading out with his friends (being supervised by one of his friends mum’s)

Once we have finished trick or treating it’s back home for some Halloween games such as snap apple – where you hang an apple on a string,  put your hands behind your back and try to bite the apple. Someone always cheats on  this  game!

Bobbing for apples has to be one of the most fun and messiest games ever – fill a basin of water and drop in some apples, we add in some monkey nuts too, hands behind your back again and  try to pick the apples from the water with your mouth! Not as easy to cheat in this game but they still try!

Once the clean up has been done and the kids are tucked up in bed we usually sit down and watch a Scary Movie. We get a new one every year. It’s our little Halloween date Night tradition that we have had every year since we met. We turn off the lights, bring the pumpkins back inside from the porch and snuggle up together on the couch with loads of goodies and junk.

If the movie is good, I will be too afraid to go to bed on my own and will stick to Busy Irish Daddy like glue for the rest of the night! At least I know he will protect me from whatever nasties that are not out to get me!

So that’s our Halloween plans laid bare for this year. What are you up to for Halloween? Leave a comment and let me know.

Don’t forget to stay safe and that goes for your furry friends too.

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Thanks For Reading

Happy Halloween Everyone.


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