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Life Lately

Hi again everyone, it’s been quite a while since I published a blog post and with Christmas, the small boy turning five, New Years and all that jazz life has been a bit hectic over the past few weeks. There just hasn’t been a spare minute. I’ve been so busy with everything i felt like i had lost my blogging mojo and because the kids were home from school for two weeks i found it impossible to concentrate and it was becoming more stressful than fun and that wasn’t what i wanted when i started out blogging.

I’m not normally the type to make new years resolutions but this year I did and I’m determined to stick to them. Number one on the list was to make more time for myself and that includes writing my blog as i  have missed it terribly. So, i’m back, I’ve dusted off my old friend my laptop and i’ve got loads of new ideas lined up for the next few weeks and i cannot wait to get going again.

The kids went back to school yesterday after (the extremely long) Christmas holidays and that means I can finally get back to a bit of normality and have some routine and structure to our day again. To sit and enjoy a cup of tea in the morning and not have some one calling ‘mam’ or asking for drink/ snack/ wipe my arse every two minutes has been a little bit  of heaven.

We’ve had a lovely Christmas & New Year and Busy Irish Daddy had a rare  few days off work so it’s been quiet, relaxed and lazy with lots of fabulous food and movie days. We also celebrated the small boys 5th birthday the day after Christmas. Extended family came over so we had a full house, but that’s what Christmas is all about, being with good friends and family. The kids have been getting quite bored over the last few days though and when they get bored the bicker, they fight and they argue. It was time enough for them to get themselves back to school and give my poor head a break!

If you are following me over on Instagram you will already have seen my next little life update…The day after New Year our family got  a brand new addition. Yep, we got a new puppy! I’ve spoken in a previous post about how our last dog passed away early last year and we felt so broken when that happened I didn’t ever think we would be able to take on another dog. Busy Irish Daddy surprised us all when he brought her home, apparently he had been plotting and planning with ages. We had talked about it previously and agreed that if we were to get another  dog, it would be a puppy so that she would grow up with the kids. We do have other dogs, but they are not good with kids. So here she is, her name is Mischa, she’s an Akita and we absolutely love her to bits, she has fitted right in as part of the family.


My other Resolutions for 2017 include

Losing the weight

Get myself and the house more organised

Start taking better care of my skin

I’m determined that I will stick to them but i will go into further details about it all in a future post. I’ve got another lined up very soon explaining how i plan to achieve the weight loss pledge.

I’m hoping to get 2 to 3 blog posts  up per week as I feel i need to get some sort of rhythm going to  keep my organised and motivated and i shall see where i will go from there.

I’m so happy to be back and im looking forward to sharing my new brain waves with you all. I hope you all have had a nice Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading

See you all in my next blog post





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