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Glossybox January 2017

So January’s edition of Glossybox arrived at my door last Thursday, I actually wasn’t expecting it so was a nice  surprise to brighten up a relatively crappy day and I couldn’t wait to tear into it. As I was quite disappointed with last month’s box (which i posted a little mini review on over on my Instagram) I was hoping that this month’s box would be more exciting. Let’s have a little look inside…


So on first opening I actually thought we had just gone back to the regular pink Glossybox and it wasn’t until I opened the lid that i discovered the quote ‘you can’t milk an almond’ by Deliciously Stella and realised that this month’s box was an edible edit edition inspired by Superfoods. Now, i will admit i had no idea who ‘Stella’ was and only upon googling her discovered that she is Instagram sensation who has recently released a new book, which i can assume is the reason for this collaboration. The box itself this month contained 4 full-sized products and seemed to focus itself a lot on skin care.


True Organic of Sweden – All you need is me

This was the first thing I noticed in the box and it’s one of the full-sized products. It actually took me a few minutes to figure out what this was and it is essentially a multi purpose balm. It boasts 100% Natural ingredients with 95% being Organic which you can use on your everything from your lips to your hair (WHAT???) Not the most exciting of things. I have been using this mainly on my lips as they’re so dry and cracked and i have noticed a good improvement, but would i go on to re purchase this? Probably not.

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Face Mask

Next item was another full-sized item was this face mask which i have to admit seeing this in the box pissed me right off. I’m sick the death of receiving face masks in my Glossyboxes. I’ve said as much in those surveys they get you to fill in every month but yet again another has arrived. Take note Glossybox, NO MORE face masks, time to change it up a bit.

Unani illuminate milk cleanser

This Cleanser contains natural oils that claim to remove impurities from the skin and restore its elasticity. It’s not tested on animals which is fantastic. I gave it a go and have been using it over the last few days I actually quite like it. The scent is not too over powering and it has left my skin nice and clear and noticeably softer. Will it take the place of my regular cleanser? Probably not.

The Balm meet matt(e) Trimony single eyeshadow

We had a sneak peek of this product in last months box and I was so excited as I’ve yet to try out any of the balm eyeshadow. This is a full-sized sample from the matt(e) eyeshadow palette which retails for £34. I love how it opens like a little book however I’m just not keen on the shade. It’s an aubergine, rusty reddish-brown colour and although it is highly pigmented and has a lovely matt texture to  it I don’t think I will actually wear it. Which is disappointing as i was looking forward to such a  well-known and highly recommended brand being included in the box. Also on further inspection it states ‘free sample – not for resale’ on the back of the packaging. This is not the first time these ‘free samples’ have been added in the box and it’s so annoying as in my opinion should be included free sample sixth item.

Nip+Fab Kale fix moisturizer

So this was the only sample size item this month but with 30mls in the tube it’s a good size sample. This is my first time trying anything from Nip+Fab but I’ve  seen so many bloggers raving about it and I now can see why. This moisturizer is  a combination of water-cress, kale and almond oil which claims to protect your skin against external aggressors while the aloe vera and shea butter soothe and smooth your skin. Again I’ve been using this for the last few days and I love everything about it. It absorbs well into the skin, so much so my face rivaled that of a baby’s bum and i absolutely love the smell. This is one that i will definitely go on  to purchase the full-sized tube and seeing as  this is so good I would love to try out some of the other products in their range.

As I have now been subscribed to Glossybox for over a year I received a little ‘Glossy Notes’ notebook and a thank you card and I have had some amazballs products in my boxes but my last few boxes have been quite a let down and it seems a common theme lately that I’m being left disappointed with Glossybox.

I’m not happy with Glossybox this month, I feel there was too many skin care items together in one box and not enough variety of other things mainly make up, which was I why i signed up in the first place. It has become far to repetitive recently and I think it may just be time to cancel my subscription with Glossybox and give Birchbox a go as there seems to be a lot more make up products in them. The inclusion of yet another face mask this month, i think was that little nudge i needed to say ‘No, they’re not listening to me, I’ve told them in the email surveys and I’m not happy with this, it’s time for a change. I’m still on the fence as to what to do, but  i’ll sit on the idea for a few more days maybe check out Birchbox a bit more and then decide.

So that’s it for this month, Did you get anything different in your box this month? What are your thoughts on this month’s contributions?

If you would like to sign up to Glossybox you can  do so here


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