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Sugar Withdrawals

When I started Slimming World first time round way back in 2015 after my youngest son was born I had no idea what sugar withdrawals were. Over the course of my pregnancy i had developed a rather bad habit of drinking fizzy drink after fizzy drink, full fat Coca-Cola to be exact, and i knew that if i was to succeed in losing the weight the fizzy drinks had to go. Not only the fact that they are full of unnecessary calories, the amount of sugar in them really wasn’t doing me any favours.

It was then I discovered ‘sugar withdrawals’, which i was not at all expecting and it has honestly been the biggest challenge that i have encountered in my weight loss journey. I just craved sugar, I didn’t just want it, I NEEDED IT. I had immediately stopped drinking the full  fat coke and switched to water with a few glasses of Coke Zero aswell throughout the day. At first I thought i was going crazy so i enlisted the assistance of Dr. Google where i discovered that sugar withdrawals are a very real thing.

Everything I was feeling,  All the symptoms were there in front of me on the screen.

Cravings – Now I never thought that i craved sugar before and the truth is i probably didn’t since i always had some to hand and was never without it. But Holy Heck, I wanted it, BAD.

Head aches – This was the main symptom that led me to start researching sugar withdrawals in the first place and has been by far the worst symptom I have  experienced since cutting sugar out of my diet but

Mood swings – Have you ever felt in such a bad mood, but you  don’t know why? That’s exactly how I felt and it was awful. I was so irritable and snappy, I must have been a nightmare to live with in the first week especially!

Zero Energy – For the first few days of kicking the sugar to the kerb I had literally no energy. Even lifting my bum off the sofa, to me felt like a chore. After a few days my energy gradually started to come back and now i feel absolutely fantastic but honestly those first few days were a nightmare!


But here’s the good news, after about a week, the symptoms started to ease off. I wasn’t getting as many head aches and because of that i wasn’t in such a bad mood all the time so my mood improved drastically. I had bags more energy because i was getting it from foods that were actually beneficial to me like fruits and porridge and gradually the cravings got less and less. I do still get the occasional craving and don’t get me wrong I will never cut it completely out of my diet, I love my choccie far too much and everyone is allowed a treat every now and then but i will never go back to eating the huge amounts that i did before.

Have you ever encountered sugar withdrawals? How did you over come them? Be sure to leave  me know in the comments below.

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