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One Month on Slimming World Progress Update

So as you all know, I recently restarted my Slimming World Journey, on the 9th of January to be precise and as promised here is my month 1 progress update where I’ll be talking about how I’m getting on and managing to stick to the plan. I spoke a bit in my last post about how I was tackling Sugar Withdrawals, which were so bad that it almost put me off entirely but I’m so glad i stuck at it and I’ve achieved a good level of progress in the last few weeks.

As you probably already know, I have been following the Extra Easy Plan and I’ve been documenting my journey over on my Instagram page where I’ve also received a ton of support and inspiration from everyone over there. So ladies, Thank you all, if you’re reading this.

My starting weight this time around was 12 stone 5 and three-quarter pounds. I purchased a Nutrient Blender from Aldi and started off with making smoothies for breakfast as I’ve never been a big breakfast person but I still wanted to get in some speed foods in the morning and sort of set me up for the day. After a week on plan I weighed 12 stone and a quarter of a pound. That first week alone I had lost a total of 5 and a half pounds. I was delighted and that spurred me on to keep going.

Week 2, saw me eating lots and lots of mug shots for my lunches with fruit added to give me the speed food and some Alpen Light bars for my Healthy Extra B. I started making up batches of Homemade vegetable soup, loaded with speed foods and I was still having smoothie’s for my breakfast which I don’t syn. I know that you’re supposed to syn them when the fruit has been liquidised but I don’t use any more fruit than i would  if i was eating it, and i use my milk  allowance from my Healthy Extra A. It works for me, it might not necessarily work for everyone, but it’s up to you if you feel more comfortable synning them.On my second weigh in I weighed 11 stone 12 and a half pounds. Which was a weight loss of 2 lbs, and a total loss so far of 7.5 pounds. In two weeks i had earned my 1/2 stone certificate, but to be honest i was more happy to finally see 11 stone on the scales!

I struggled a little bit on the third week, I wasn’t getting in my water intake every day, some days I didn’t eat enough speed foods and there were days that i went completely over my syn allowance. And it showed on the scales. My third weigh in i weighed 11stone 13 lbs, I had gained half a pound and it was the kick up the arse i needed to get myself back on track. I wasn’t going to let all my hard work so far go to waste.

Week Four I stayed completely on plan, Drank my 2 litres of water every day, 1/3 of all my meals were speed foods and I never went over my syn allowance on any day. Yes I still had my treats which  included Pom Bear snacks, Hartley’s jelly pots, Fibre One bars and Curly Wurly bars. I just ate them in moderation of my syn allowance. I also found it easier to plan my meals if i wrote it down, so now i plan all my meals a week in advance and I’ve started using my food journal again to write down everything i eat in a day. Basically if you Bite it…Write it! AND on my fourth weigh in i weighed…..11 stone 9lbs! A loss that week of 4 pounds and considering it was my star week it proved to me that Slimming World does work if you follow it right.

So I stuck to plan basically everything i was doing the previous week and on week 5 i weighed 11stone 7 1/2lbs which i will admit i was a bit disappointed with but as the lovely ladies on Instagram assured me, you can’t have big losses every week and every loss is better than a gain. It’s another pound gone after all and it will be easier to maintain to lose it slowly. That has been a total loss of 12 1/2 lbs and only 1 1/2lbs to lose to get my 1 stone certificate. And I am determined to get it!

I have been trying out loads of new recipes and I’ve got some new ones to try from Instagram, so if you would like to see some please let me know. I’ve also found making little changes such as walking the kids to school and taking the stairs instead of the lift has  benefited me too and I can already feel the difference in my legs and bum being more toned.

I weigh in on a Saturday morning, although I’m especially dreading tomorrows one as i was a bit over indulgent on Valentines day with the choccies, pizza and wine as you probably saw on my Instagram. But, thats life and sometimes I’m going to suck at this. It’s just a matter of getting back on plan as soon as. I’ll be back with another update in round about a months time where i will have that 1 stone cert to show for myself!

Thanks for reading and Don’t Forget

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